Welcome to Sharla's Bakery

Sharla's Bakery is an American styled bakery before known as the Cupcake Express, dedicated to one simple goal: Every day, we handcraft the best cakes,cupcakes and other sweets you have ever tasted. Since 2008 we have been hard at work, sourcing the finest ingredients and developing some of the most delicious and much loved cupcakes and cakes! Our motto is simple – to handcraft the best cupcakes and cakes you have ever tasted, and we hold ourselves to this standard every single day. We’ve spent lots of time designing, baking, decorating and most importantly tasting, for our new website and hope you have fun exploring it! If you like to do more then just check out the website, if the website made you hungry then check out our facebook to see where you can visit us so you can taste the love we put in our baking. You can find our sweets on various food markets, food festivals and other events.